Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Work | "Healers"

Here's my latest commission. It just landed in California, safe in the arms of my client. This baby is 36" x 36" - acrylic on canvas. It was painted for a yoga instructor who is battling cancer. The piece is called "Healers" and I hope it helps my client on a cellular level. I poured all my LOVE and LIGHT into this piece.

Monday, October 24, 2016


I'm in the throes of moving this week! My piano mover arrives tomorrow and we'll move the bulk of our furniture on Wednesday. All this as I'm organizing the house for an estate sale on Saturday! As I am pack - deciding what to keep and what to leave behind - I keep repeating my mantra, "Who am I now?" 

"Who am I now?" helps me focus on the present moment. Why keep things that support an 'idea' of who I WAS, when I can surround myself with things that support who I am NOW? I don't need to lift up my old aspirations, when I have such joyful work to do now. 

I also continually ask myself Marie Kondo's question about tidying and decluttering: "What sparks joy?". If you don't know Marie Kondo, check out her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It has been extremely helpful as I walk through this process of divestment. 

This kind of intentional shedding is heady stuff and often overwhelmingly emotional. It's amazing what I've held onto - much of it based on "shoulds" and "musts" and even guilt. But every time I let something go, I feel lighter an lighter and lighter. Simplifying my life is looking better and better every day. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016



Remember me?

The blogger who used to write here?

I'm back! This has been possibly the busiest two weeks of my life. The first week in October, I planned and ran an auction benefiting a local Title 1 school. Then in the second week of October, I planned (for the past year) and attended a national theater conference on gender parity and racial equity in the arts. And this week? Well... this week, I'm moving.

Somebody shoot me.

Yes - we're moving. After seven years in our beloved home, we're downsizing and scaling back. As many of you know, our son Charlie has a host of medical issues. And to be honest, he's an expensive kid. We moved into this house before we had our second child. He has so many upcoming needs and our family needs to be light on our financial feet in order to meet those needs.

Additionally, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the size and scope of our Texas ranch house. Don't get me wrong, I have loved every minute of it. And if I wasn't stretched to the limit with multiple jobs and two kiddos - one of whom is very high need - then perhaps I might be happy to maintain a home and garden. But at this juncture in our lives, we need to simplify our lifestyle and minimize our output. So, we've sold our home and we're moving a few blocks away into a two bedroom apartment.

What does that mean? I'm saying goodbye to 1500 square feet of living space, selling 2/3 of our possessions and paying off all our debt with the proceeds from the house. BAM. It also means that I don't have to replace a roof, or repair a hot water heater, or mow my lawn. Instead, I'll call the super, enjoy the pool and wipe down far fewer surfaces every day. It means I'm in much closer proximity to my kids and we can focus on the things that really matter. Am I sad? Sure. Am I happy? Yes. I'm both. But most of all, I'm grateful. I'm grateful to even have the choice to down size and change things up to better meet the needs of my family.

So stay tuned! I move on Tuesday the 26th. Of course I'll take photos when I'm in the new place. Until then, I'm making ruthless choices about what to take and what to keep. And at the end of the month, I'm hosting an estate sale. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bar Stools

I suddenly have need for a couple of bar stools. But I've never really liked sitting at bar stools. They're usually too small, or at a weird height or my butt gets tired after a while. In my estimation, every bar stool needs two things: a wide comfortable seat and a cross bar for me to place my feet. So I've been looking around at possible options. Here are a few I like:

The Berry Bar Stool

Grant Gibson

Tessa Collection

West Elm

Cassie Kelley

And if money was no object, I'd go with these:

Hive Modern

Monday, September 26, 2016

House Tour | San Jose Craftsman

Check out this sweet little Craftsman home on Apartment Therapy! I'm a suck for bungalow living, but this little San Jose rental, which is only 1300 square feet, is especially charming. The Midcentury pieces, the abundance of wood, the musical instruments hanging on the wall - its all calling my name. See more of this home HERE.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Marrow | A New Commission

Here's a look at my newest commission. My client is a pathologist and wanted some evocative artwork for her windowless office space. She came to me with some inspiration photos - these were images of bone marrow and fungus under a microscope. It was the perfect fodder for abstract art. I delivered her piece today and I'm very happy with the final results.

Marrow  -  72 x 36 inch acrylic on canvas

Detail of Marrow

Here are the microscope images that served as inspiration.